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Deb & Russ Young established Younga Yoga Studio - Wollongong's first dedicated Yoga space in 2006 with the vision to create a beautiful space that provides the community with a balanced variety of vinyasa yoga classes, inspirational events, healthy living programs and trainings to deepen one's study of Yoga.

They are also the co-founders of The Online Yoga Studio.

In 2009 Younga Yoga Studio moved from Keira St to its current location in Thomas St.

Previously the Wollongong Girl Guide Hall, "The Studio" has a rich history of bringing people together, and Deb & Russ have restored it in a way that honors the past, using reclaimed materials to create a gorgeous oasis in the middle of the CBD.

Our classes are dynamic and challenging, yet we encourage our students to work at their own level and practice safely with awareness. All our classes incorporate the principals of Vinyasa Yoga (working in a moving meditation with the breath), Meditation and Pranayama.

We are committed to providing a space where people feel welcome, supported and able to experience the wide reaching benefits of Yoga. 




Russ is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has been practising Yoga for more than 20 years.

Unlike many students who start Yoga in a studio, Russ' reasons were more intrinsic and home-practiced based. He became interested in yoga as a teenager, and taught himself postures out of a book as a way of managing severe pain associated with the imbalances caused by scoliosis. This set him on a path in the health & fitness industry, first as a massage therapist, then later a Degree in Exercise Physiology.

He is a  part time guest teacher for the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong, where he annually teaches Anatomy to doctors in training.

Russ has a keen background in biomechanics & functional anatomy and uses this unique knowledge in conjunction with mindfullness techniques to treat patients with a range of injuries and mental health conditions.

He initially trained with a traditional school - The  Sivananda School of Yoga in Kerala, India, and like Deb has since completed various teacher trainings, retreats and workshops with Internationally acclaimed teachers in a range of styles such as Donna Farhi, David Swenson, Emil Wendel, and Flo Fenton.

In recent years Russ has created & delivered Anatomy & Physiology teacher training modules for 200hr trainings for Amy Ippoliti (Yoga Glo) and Flo Fenton.



yoga yoga studio deb young

Yoga nerd, passionate business owner, proud (sometimes frazzled) mum, creative thinker, ideas chick with an addiction for apps & a love for all things Yoga, business, food & travel. Along with Russell, Deb co-founded Younga Yoga Studio in 2006 and more recently The Online Yoga Studio. They have grown Younga Yoga Studio into a successful business with more than 400+ students each week.

Deb has a Degree in Physical & Health Education & a background in dance, but it wasn't until she met Russ that she discovered her love for all things Yoga and the amazing way it can help bring balance to life.

Deb's has a unique ability to bring Yoga philosophy to life on the yoga mat with dynamic & clear sequencing by drawing metaphors between what we practice ON the Yoga mat as a symbol for what we do in our everyday life OFF the Yoga mat.

Deb completed her initial teacher training in 2005 with some of Australia's most well known teachers: Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin & Flo Fenton.

Over the years she has completed other advanced teacher trainings & intensives with well known teachers such as David Swenson (Ashtanga), David Life & Sharon Gannon (Jivamukti), Louisa Sear and more recently with Amy Ippoliti (Yoga Glo + 90Monkeys) who she continues to mentor with and assist.

Deb has also completed numerous vipassana meditation retreats in silence and finds the tools of pranayama (breath work) particularly helpful as a gateway to reduce stress & address the symptoms of chronic asthma.

Deb & Russ have led many local & overseas lifestyle retreats incorporating Yoga, meditation & wholefoods for better life balance.

She also has two little munchkins, and is a trained Doula with a passion for helping women during pregnancy and beyond. 

Deb loves sharing the amazing tools of Yoga as an essential tool for busy women on the go with a passion to help make a difference in the life of those around them


30 DAYS FOR $49

Valid for 30 days from your first visit & available to those new to the studio - this pass gives you a chance to try us out before committing to a membership or pass. Excludes courses & prenatal.



Younga Yoga Studio Wollongong Yoga Caiti

Caiti | Studio Manager + Tech Guru

Caiti has been with Younga Yoga Studio since 2017. In a previous life she was a Marketing Graduate in the corporate world, and has since swapped stilettos and a killer commute for bare foot bliss and better life balance.

Caiti is your go-to girl for pretty much anything admin related at the studio! You can catch her week days at the studio between 11am - 5pm or call on 4227 1997 and she'll get back to you within 24 business hours.

Caiti is here to help you get started, decide which pass to buy and answer any membership questions. She's also your go-to for retreat & event sign ups.


Younga Yoga Studio Wollongong Yoga


Amazing mum to two little munchkins, eco warrior & passionate Yogini - Lana is well known for her strong yet steady strength based vinyasa Yoga classes & blissful meditation workshops - held regularly at Younga Yoga Studio. 

She completed her training at Life Source in 2011 with Christina Brown and Richard Allen and has continued to train, learn and grow with a variety of incredible teachers since, including Annie Carpenter, Flo Fenton, Duncan Peak and Ana Forrest.

Lana's background is an eclectic gathering of styles and influences, her classes generally contain strong, creative flow, a focus on core, steady and safe alignment and an opportunity for self awareness. Lana believes modern Yoga offers a mental break from our busy lives and an opportunity to connect with our peaceful, inner self, resulting in a sense of calm perspective. She hopes to share these benefits through focused Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana (meditation). 

Younga Yoga Studio Yoga Wollongong Sofia Andersson


Sofia is a master musician & mum, when she's not on the Yoga mat, you'll find her in the recording studio jamming on her instruments or strumming up a storm with local band Sound of KoKo.

Sofia began her Vinyasa and Hatha teacher training in Sweden in 2009 with Lariella Antonsdotter. She later completed her Yin training in 2016 under Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay. Sofia began her Yoga journey when she wanted to honour her life and bring more love and compassion into her body and create a happier healthier lifestyle. 

In her classes you can expect to step inside the layers of your body, challenge yourself and reach outside the limitations of your mind. Sofia brings joy and light to your practice, and occasionally will incorporate her guitar skills and chanting in classes.

Renee Dyson


Renee has been a regular Yogi at Younga Yoga Studio for the past four years and completed her Teacher Training with Rachel at Ray of Light in 2018.

Drawing on her work at the Nan Tien Temple and studies in Buddhist Meditation/Philosophy, Renee’s classes embody the concept of yoga as a ‘meditation in motion’. Students are encouraged to dive deep into present moment awareness using mindfulness practices to invite a sense of quietude and spaciousness into their everyday.

When Renee isn’t leading you through a blissful Yin practice on a Friday afternoon, you’ll likely see her on her own Yoga mat in one of our classes, no doubt with an infectious smile on her face.

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Inspired by the transformation, healing and growth offered by a regular yoga practice, Jason moved to Wollongong in June 2019 from San Diego, California to pursue a career change in health and wellness from the tech industry.  He is currently studying Mindbody Medicine and Kinesiology at the College of Complementary Medicine in Surry Hills.

He is passionate about creating and holding space for students to discover and embody their practice, and feel empowered as they step on and off of their mats. In his classes you will find dynamic flows that link breath, movement, and a bit of sweat. Jason will greet you with a warm smile and a soft heart.

Jason completed his teacher training in 2017 at Yoga Six in San Diego, California with Abby Vernon, and regularly attends trainings and workshops around the world to continue expanding his knowledge so that he can share it with others.

younga yoga studio yoga wollongong cathie doyle


Cathie has been with Younga Yoga Studio for 12 years, first as a student, then subsequently as a teacher.

Cathie completed her initial teacher training in 2007 and has since studied extensively with Rachel Zinman & John Weddepohl here in Australia, in India & South Africa. She regularly attends trainings both as a participant and assistant in Australia & abroad.

In Cathie's classes, you can expect a classic Hatha flow style with a focus on breathe and core. 
She believes that continually coming back to the breath helps us to focus and be calm - giving us time out from the crazy world outside of our bodies.  

Younga Yoga Studio Wollongong Yoga Kate Scheffer


Kate has been our Cover Girl for the past couple of years - so basically when she's not chasing her daughter Pippa around, or jet-setting across the world (the perks of being a flight attendant) she can be found filling in for the team or practicing on her mat at Younga Yoga Studio. 

Kate completed her teacher training with Don Peers in 2014. She entered the course wanting to find her passion for Yoga again and realised she wanted to help other people fall in love with the practice. She has since competed teacher trainings in Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin, and has trained with U.S. based teachers Tiffany Cruikshank & Maty Ezraty.

In Kate's classes you can expect a strong practice with a few non-traditional elements and a lot of encouragement to challenge yourself and try something new!

Younga Yoga Studio Rayna Gillott


Rayna has been a regular at Younga Yoga for the past 5 years and completed her teacher training in 2013 with John Oglivie, followed by Pre and Post-Natal at Bliss Baby in Byron Bay with Ana Davies, Yin with Sarah Owen and Pilates Matwork with Studio Pilates.

Rayna always has a theme or focus for her classes. She always encourages the importance of self compassion and love - that means no comparisons to others in the room and all negative self talk or internal scripting is left at the door!

You can usually find her either on the Yoga mat, or walking her two pugs Otto and Archie. She is a fierce animal lover, and is always advocating for various animal charities or planning our next Younga Yoga Social event! 

Kim Purnell Younga Yoga Studio


Kim did her first class at Younga Yoga Studio two years ago and was instantly hooked. Over the past two years, Kim has established a solid & consistent practice - both at home and in the studio. Her dedication to regular practice shines through.

In 2017, Kim completed her first teacher training with Amy Ippoliti (Yoga Glow + 90Monkeys) and has since been mentoring with Deb & Russ at the studio. 

When not at her day job, you'll find Kim glued to her mat and on a quest for a fearless handstand in the middle of the room or honing her new SUP skills.

You'll most likely meet Kim at the studio when she's offering hands on assists + teaching covers when the regular team are away. 


Younga Yoga Studio was established in 2006 out of a need to create a space where people could come and practice yoga in a dedicated space. Before that time, yoga in Wollongong consisted of blue mats on community hall or gym floors often with lots of interruptions, last night's crumbs from community events & tumbleweeds under a pile of stackable chairs in the corner. There's nothing wrong with that approach - but we wanted to create a HOME for yoga in wollongong, and an oasis for people looking to study this beautiful and ancient practice on a regular basis.

With a yoga studio on every street corner now - it's hard to believe that just 13 years ago - the thought of creating a dedicated yoga space was considered kind of a crazy idea. We are also glad we didn't listen to those that thought it was crazy, and humbled to see how much the yoga community has continued to grow & evolve since Younga Yoga opened.


Looking around the studio - you might notice little clues about the studio before it 'found yoga'. The scuffs on the character filled floor, the amazing high ceilings (best acoustics in Wollongong), and the quaint building shape - a nod to the studio's past as home to Wollongong Girl Guides.

For us seeing the "diamond in the rough" - is a metaphor for the potential that we all have as human beings. People often come to yoga for the first time because something is out of balance, broken, neglected or just in need of some TLC. 



When we first bought the studio - we were pregnant with our first baby, the banks wouldn't lend us the money (they thought it was a knock down job), but we believed in it and saw the potential. The yoga community was growing and although we remember back to many classes with just one or two people, it was clear that Wollongong was ready for yoga to be more than just an afterthought.

Despite being on a time frame to renovate before our daughter came along, despite having little money to do it, and having to do it all ourselves we believed in this more than anything and found a way. 

We want YOU to know that even if you've never tried yoga, even if you feel a bit run down, even if you're not in the best place at the moment - we believe in YOU. Don't be put off by 'instagram yoga' - this studio accepts you AS YOU ARE!



With consistency, a step by step approach, an amazing community & lots of laughs along the way, we'll help you find better life balance, improve your strength & flexibility, reduce stress, and connect with like minded people.

Our studio continues to evolve - we have gone from classes where just 1 or 2 people would show up - to being an calm yet busy oasis for all that love yoga.

We now run retreats, locally, overseas (Japan in May 2019), and are about to embark on leading our first teacher training in August 2019.

Just like when you start yoga for the first time - it's easy to feel overwhelmed, or impatient - but starting & leading this studio - just like practicing yoga - has taught us that the real gift is in consistent practice over a long period of time.