Image: Todd Barnes

Image: Todd Barnes


Triangle or trikonasana is one of yoga's most well known & practiced postures. Physically it helps to unravel the hamstrings & adductors (inner thigh). Symbolically the upward pointing triangle represents firm foundation, stability, exploration, creativity & transformation.

In this article we look at some of the key alignment tips that when mastered over time can help you find firm foundation & strength + freedom in the body & mind.



Place the feet in a generously wide stance (about as far apart as the wrists are wide - when outstretched).

Heel of front foot in line with the arch of the back foot - right foot (front foot) in line with your mat.

Back foot parallel to the back edge of your mat - or slightly turned in.


Front leg rotates outward and upward - lift through the arch of the front foot - lift the knee cap up to create a sense of muscular tone & strength through the legs.

Back leg rotates inward - allowing the natural curve of the lower back.

Visualise the quadriceps drawing upward as though the muscles are hugging the leg bones to help create a sense of ‘drawing in’ or muscular tone in the legs without hyper-extending or locking the kneecap.

Even though there is a slight internal rotation of the back leg - balance this out by pressing into the little toe edge to form a stable base of support through the inner AND outer edges of the feet.


Right hand comes to the floor (or a block if it helps you to find more length through the spine).

Variations are to hold the big toe (ashtanga) / Use a block (beginners) / Or prop on fingertips for more buoyancy + space.

The top arm can settle on the hip (often good for beginners), or in the full expression of the pose lifts up and away from the midline of the body. Both arms extending outward - to create a feeling of space & organic expansion.


When I started practising around 15 years ago - I learnt this pose by visualising my body between two panes of glass. The problem with this approach is that it results in a lot of stress for the Sacro-Illiac - so ideally - visualise the natural curve of your lower back and honour that!

Imagine the pelvis like an anchor point - and from there press down through the legs toward the edges of the feet.


If you’re a beginner and new to Trikonasana - you might wonder if you will ‘ever’ feel a sense of ease and freedom in the this posture. It might feel like your hamstrings are screaming at you - or that the floor feels too far away.

TRY >>>

Taking a slightly longer stance (often by lengthening the stance you’ll feel less ‘choked up’).

Bending the front leg to help you bring the hand to the floor.

Then, once your hand is grounded to the floor or a block - straighten the front leg and think of an upward outward spiral.

If the top arm or shoulder feels tense - try bringing your top hand to your sacrum and focus on lifting and lengthening through the torso & relaxing the jaw. Draw the head of the arm back to create space and openess through the chest as you open the ribs outward and upward.

Image: Todd Barnes

Image: Todd Barnes


So you’re feeling somewhat comfortable in trikonasana - time to refine…

TRY >>>

Lifting the toes and spreading them to create muscular tone in the legs.

Dragging the heel of the front foot backwards without actually moving it to activate and strengthen the hamstrings (especially useful for those with attachment injuries).

To activate a slight jalandara bandha before turning the head to look up - creating length through the back of the neck.

Focus on expanding out from the pelvis down to the soles of the feet & out through to the fingertips & crown of the head as you visualise the dance between stability & freedom in the your body.

Don’t jam the pelvis forward here - honour the curve of your lower back.


Once you feel grounded & stable - focus on extending down through to the soles of the feet + expanding out through to the fingertips. When we think of the body expanding in this way - it offers a chance to connect with the divine, to experience the flow of prana or lifeforce through the body + invite spaciousness, creativity & joy.


As a standing posture with a wide base + narrow top, trikonasana is a pose that represents strength and stability coupled with exploration, creativity & ascention to a higher connection to spirit.

By taking the time to set our foundation up in a methodical and stable way - using support if needed - we then give the body permission to be creative, expand + take risks.

In the pose - this might be the simple action of turning the eye gaze up toward the ceiling, or by playing with variations such as a heart opening bind behind the back, or to re-create this shape in other more playful ways in the practice.

Off the mat - when we feel strong in our foundation - taking the time to set good habit patterns - it gives us the freedom to play & break the rules knowing that at anytime we can return to this sense of stability + foundation.

Like the chef who starts with recipes to form a solid foundation before finding the freedom to experiment with flavours…

Like the child who starts with routine & structure at home in order to feel safe enough to find independence & create relationships with others….

Like the musician who must first spend thousands of hours training the ear, body & brain to learn chord progressions before graduating to improvising….

Like our relationships that benefit from boundaries in order for love, trust & expression to evolve…

The lesson of creating a stable foundation before finding freedom & expansion goes way beyond the mechanics of the physical body.


Image: Deb Young @youngayogastudio

Image: Deb Young @youngayogastudio


“What I like most about change is that it's synonym for 'hope'. If you are taking a risk, what you are really saying is, 'I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it.” - Linda Ellerbee

2019 is well and truly upon us and we’ve given our timetable a little tweak for the year ahead!

After 13 years as studio owners - we know that sometimes these changes are welcomed with open arms and sometimes not - but really - like the quote says…. the fact that our gorgeous community, studio and schedule continues to change and evolve over time… means that we are just as committed to our practice and our community as when we opened 13 years ago.

This past year… we’ve noticed the trend across the yoga world (here in Australia and in the US) in reducing class times from the traditional format of 90mins, down to 75, down to 60.

It will ALWAYS be our intention to honour the yoga practice beyond the physical…. which is why we will always include pranayama, savasana & mindfulness in every practice - BUT we also understand that not everyone has 90mins for the luxury of a yoga class.

So we’ve decided to keep a spectrum of all three length of classes on the timetable to help those that are time poor, as well as honour the longer format (which means we don’t have to skimp on savasana and pranayama).


✔︎ Monday schedule remains the same.

✔︎ TUES 10AM will move to 8AM -9.15AM (STARTS TUES 26TH FEB). We are using this as a chance to test an earlier day class timeslot - leaving you free for the rest of the day. Please support this class if you like the idea of slightly earlier day classes.

✔︎ TUES PRENATAL now starts at 4.30PM (already active)

✔︎ WED 12.15PM class will finish up FEB 20th. Thank you to all who have supported our Wednesday lunch classes over the years. We have decided to remove this class as attendance is quite inconsistent - and use this a chance to add an additional Saturday class to ease our waitlists that often occur on that day. If you would like to organise a private corporate lunchtime class - we are more than happy to accommodate your needs - just get in touch with details about preferred time, expected numbers and we can provide a quote.

✔︎ THURS 5.45PM will now run for 75mins and be a regular vinyasa class with strength drills included. This is an all levels class - and actually perfect for those that would like to strengthen key muscle groups after recovering from an injury. This class is taught by Russ Young - Exercise Physiologist.

✔︎ THURS BEGINNERS will start 15mins earlier 7.15PM-8.30PM (effective from next course start date - March 14th)

✔︎ Friday classes remain the same.

✔︎ NEW SAT 6.30AM (STARTS SAT 2ND MARCH) This is a fitness based class with CORE, HANDSTANDS + HIIT with Russell Young.

Wollongong Yoga Timetable


Still keen for a lunchtime class? For those of you who work in town - why not get a group of your colleagues together for a workplace class or let us take care of you at the studio. Just send us through your preferred day, time and number of participants and we’ll send you a quote.

If you have any questions about the new schedule - please phone the studio on 4227 1997 (if we don’t pick up we’ll call you back) or alternatively email us at: info@youngayogastudio.com.au