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The yoga & wellness ‘industry’ (and sometimes us as a studio) are often criticised for the focus on physical postures, and an elitist form of yoga that subscribes and caters for those with health & wealth already in their corner.

I’m not going to lie - sometimes we definitely feel like part of the problem…

This is an area that we are conscious of and know that just by living in Australia - having a roof over our head - having our health & access to free education means that we are already ahead of the game when it comes to a leg up in life.

One of my favourite yoga teachers David Swenson (who incidentally practices a very physical form of yoga) once said to me that the true mark of a yogi is someone who leaves the world a better place than what they found it.

Our actions matter. There is literally no point engaging your quadriceps in trikonasana or being able to still the mind in meditation if you are walking out the door never willing to see how you can use your newfound awareness to address social issues and have a positive impact on those around you.

I believe that small steps count.

I believe that healthy people help create healthy communities.

I believe that healthy people place less stress on our already strained medical system.

So even at a bare minimum - whilst yoga is not about postures, flexibility, or looking a certain way - when we FEEL well - we are literally in a better place to contribute to society and help others.

Likewise, when we feel unwell or lose our health, things just seem harder. It’s a strain mentally to deal with chronic pain or illness. When we see others in need we should ask ourselves “how can I help?”

As a business, sure, we have challenges - but overall we are extremely lucky and so we regularly support local charities, individuals and causes that are dear to our heart or with which we have a personal connection. This month we thought we’d let you know of some of the causes we are giving back to.

If you want to contribute - great.

If not that’s ok too - there are lots ways to be of service to your community, whether it’s donating your time, money, buying power (thinking about how your actions have a flow on affect to those around you).

Selfless service - whatever form it comes in is part of your yoga practice beyond the mat.


wollongong fundraiser

A much loved member of our Younga Yoga community, Rachel Channon, is about to undertake treatment overseas for Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease is a multi-systemic illness that can result in symptoms affecting many parts of the body including the muscles, joints, organs, brain, gastro-intestinal and neurological systems.

Chronic lyme disease symptom complexes are under review but currently not recognised in Australia. It is often described as an ‘invisible illness’. This means that Rach and her family aren’t currently getting the treatment they desperately need.

If you’ve ever had free treatment for an injury or illness you know what a privilege this is. Something many of us take for granted.

fundraising trivia night is being held on March 22 at the Corrimal RSL club. This event will help to support Rach in receiving treatment in Germany in May to help her treat this debilitating disease.

You can read more about Rach’s story via this Illawarra Mercury Article. If you cannot make it to her fundraiser, here is a link to her GoFundMe page. If you are a local business - you can also donate a prize for the trivia night - we hear there is a yoga pass already up for grabs ;-)




We have recently stocked some incredible Mukti Eye Pillows in the studio. These aren’t just incredible because they’re made locally and smell divine & come with their own little carry case, but they are handmade in Australia by POD, a local group of women who create long-term and sustainable changes in the lives of individuals and their communities in Australia and overseas.

Many of you know Gail Isedale - one of POD’s champions - who has been a dear part of our yoga community since 2011. Gail is one of those people who embodies the values of yoga beyond the mat through selfless service.

Mukti mats are also a locally owned business by fellow yogini Lis White and her partner Dave - we love to support local - so when you purchase an eye pillow through us or through Mukti - know that you are supporting a local, sustainable and socially conscious product. These make the perfect mother’s day present (which is creeping up on us).

POD believes in empowering people through support and education. Community-led initiatives have longer-lasting benefits because you’re not relying on one person, or one group of people to implement and maintain change, it becomes a community effort and shared mission.

Your purchase will help Mukti to empower, support and educate communities in need.
You can pick up a Mukti Organic Eye Pillow in studio to treat yourself or that special person in your life.