In Yoga philosophy, the internal flame that motivates us is called Tapas - it is the discipline and determination that fires us up about our goals and dreams.

Over this 10 Day Intensive, we will navigate where you'd like to focus your energy for the year ahead and create a physical & emotional mind map to show you how to get there.

Deb Young (Senior Teacher & Co-Founder of Younga Yoga Studio) would like to invite you to begin the New Year working with Tapas. There is no better time to connect with ways to do this - than at the beginning of year - particularly in Australia - when the weather is warm and the calendar encourages us to re-focus, practice & achieve.

Ever wondered why some people seem to cruise through life achieving great things, living in line with their life's purpose while others get stuck in patterns of paralysis, unhappiness or despair? Even the ancient yogis recognised that to achieve greatness, we must work hard, with sustained effort & focus, for change does not come easily and requires effort, practice & consistency.

Over 10 days of practice we'll guide you through goal setting the yogi way, discovery & discussion of the rich history of yoga philosophy and the tools it has to offer to help you lead a full and purposeful life, as well as examine your physical practice to achieve personal goals & reset your body for optimal vitality for the year ahead. This 10 Day Intensive offers you a chance to practice with senior teacher Deb Young. To unpack what some of the yogic texts have to offer with regard to practice, focus & achieving our goals & to cultivate a daily practice of asana, pranayama & meditation that you can carry with you after the intensive.

* Repeat Students: We will be following the same epic process with new content 


✔︎ 10 x 90min yoga sessions with us at the studio
✔︎ Daily themes relating to goal setting, yoga & yoga philosophy.
✔︎ Deb's personal goal setting insights from 12+ years as a business owner & mum
✔︎ Outside beach practice on the last day looking over beautiful North Beach
✔︎ Worksheets to help you get clear on your goals
✔︎ Opportunity to create your own action plan for the new 90 days
✔︎ Support from fellow yogis working through the same program as you
✔︎ Yoga Philosophy + daily reading & application for life
✔︎ A mix of dynamic & restorative yoga sequences to support your personal goals for practice & life off the yoga mat.
✔︎ Pranayama (breathing) techniques to improve mental focus, clarity & relaxation.
We encourage you to make a 10 day commitment in line with the philosophy of the intensive.

2nd January - 11th January // 6.00am - 7.30am

* Please note our last practice on the 11th January will be held at North Wollongong Beach (weather permitting). 

Price: $199 

Make up Classes: A maximum of 1 make up class is permitted within 7 days of the course completion and contingent on space permitting.

Terms & Conditions:
- Due to the nature of the course, we are unable to provide refunds, transfers or credits. Please check your diary before enrolling. If you feel unwell during the intensive we encourage you to attend anyway and we can give you restorative options throughout the practice. Course enrolments are non-transferable.
- enrolling with a friend or partner? Please be sure to register and enrol into the workshop separately