energy exchange...

If you would like to make yoga a more regular part of your life, but can’t afford a membership then you might like to consider our ‘energy exchange’ program. The program is run on a month by month basis in order to share the opportunity around to different people.

Unlimited visits in 30 days in exchange for 4 hours work per week (12 hours per month).


There are two types of Energy Exchange: Hanuman & Lakshmi

younga yoga studio lakshmi role


Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty & wealth.You are a domestic goddess who loves to keep things looking beautiful. If washing eye pillows & cleaning oil burners sounds like heaven then get in touch here.

younga yoga studio hanuman


Hanuman the Monkey is the embodiment of selfless service. If you'd jump (in a hanuman splits like way) at the chance to weed the garden, clean the windows & do some odd jobs to help us keep the studio in tip top condition then get in touch here.