This course is ideal for those who have never done yoga before, may need a yoga refresher, or may be recovering from an injury.


• Learn around 25 yoga postures in detail that are common to most styles of yoga
• Learn the "why" behind yoga alignment cues
• Prevent injuries by understanding your options
• Have a chance to ask questions throughout a yoga class
• Learn ways to work with tight hips + lower back issues
• Understand how to prevent shoulder injuries in yoga
• Understand what options to choose in a regular open class as a beginner

Each week you will be guided through basic yoga postures that form the foundation for our regular vinyasa classes. We start with a skeleton version of a longer sequence and each week add in around 3 new postures - so there is lots of repetition and opportunity to ask questions and build confidence.

So that you get the most out of your experience, we provide a beginners course ebook for home practice. We set the class up in a way that everyone has direct line of sight to the teacher, and for busy courses we aim to have a second teacher on hand to provide additional adjustments and individual attention.


Russ is the co-founder of Younga Yoga Studio and Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

He has studied yoga under a range of traditional & modern teachers and has been teaching Yoga for more than 15 years.

Russ is a part time guest teacher for the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong, where he teaches Anatomy to doctors in training. He has also taught Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology & Exercise Prescription at the University of Wollongong over the past 15 years.


$150 adult / $135 full time student or concession


7:15 - 8:30pm :: Thursdays (see below for next start date)


A maximum of 2 missed class can be made up at any other regular class on the timetable within 2 weeks of the completion of the course.


If you are booking with a friend or family member please register, enrol & pay individually. Purchasing more than one ticket on a single account does not secure a place for another person. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 4227 1997.


Break Free from repeating cycles, subconscious and self limiting beliefs in this 5 hour workshop with Lana and Sofia.

Every significant experience & interaction we have in life marks us in some way, shaping our identity or Ego. Often subconsciously, we create ideas & beliefs around who we are, what we are capable of and what we deserve. These beliefs can become limiting and all encompassing. We react from a clouded perspective & end up repeating cycles endlessly in our lives, albeit in different forms. 

Unlock your true potential with Lana and Sofia in this complete and transformative journey into your inner self. Using Yoga techniques and philosophy, you will practice breaking free from repeating cycles, your subconscious mind and the limits you place on yourself.

Sofia and Lana will guide you through practices to: 

  • Increase awareness around what we are creating in our lives and where we are holding ourselves back. 

  • Develop strategies for recognising and overcoming triggered, reactive states and learn to Break Free from self limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • Connect to inner stillness, our essential nature, clarity & awareness.

  • Unlock our full potential as harmonious, peaceful and vibrantly happy beings. 

Within this 5 hour workshop you will practice:

  • Pranayama

  • Guided Meditation

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra. 

When: Sunday 9th June >> 2.00pm - 7.00pm

Early Bird Special Price: $99 purchase before 26th May

Regular Price: $119 from 27th May

Please Note:
If you are booking with a friend or family member please register, enrol & pay individually. Purchasing more than one ticket on a single account does not secure a place for another person.

DATE: Tuesday July 2nd

TIME: 4.30pm-5.30pm

Can't make Tuesdays at 4.30pm? No problem. We also have a prenatal yoga class on Saturdays 9.30am-10.30am. Alternatively you are free to attend our regular yoga classes (with prenatal options). Just give us a call on 4227 1997 to discuss the best class for you.



Join Doula, Deb Young for this engaging 6 week course in yoga, birth skills & the low down on everything from safe yoga for pregnancy, yoga to keep fit, how to address pregnancy aches and pains through to strategies for a confident birth experience. Classes are just 1 hour long and come with a complimentary online program for extra support and practice.

WEEK 1: Breathe it out, Let it go.
Whether you’re physically tired from the first trimester, struggling with energy levels in your third trimester, or just trying to keep it all together with to-do lists, running the house and maybe already looking after kids, in this lesson we look at ways to use the breath as a tool to let go of physical & emotional tension.
we’ll be using the breath as a tool to let go of physical & emotional tension during pregnancy and in labour.

WEEK 2: Better than Panadol
Tired and achey hips are a total pain in pregnancy! On one hand - everything is loosening up (which is great right!), but on the other hand your body often tries to compensate by trying to keep it all together - so hip and glute tension can be a real issue. In this lesson we look at how to protect the S.I.Joint from pregnancy discomfort, release the lower back muscles that might also be suffering, and use poses to both strengthen and release the glutes. Seriously better than panadol for tired and achey hips.

WEEK 3: Mind Over Mantra: Good Pain Healthy Pain
If you love a strong physical practice - than today will be a little shot of pregnancy espresso for you! We’re gonna work with postures that encourage you to focus your mind, and tap into the awesome strong feminine power that you have within you to birth with confidence. There are two ways to cope with pain of labour - on one hand you can train your mind to be strong and your body to have stamina (that’s today’s lesson), and on the other hand you can practice ways to surrender and let go (we cover that in other weeks).

WEEK 4: Move Sway. Go with the Flow.
It’s easy to say ‘Go with the flow’, but a little more challenging to practise. This week we learn ways to confidently invite all the new experiences and sensations to wash over you. Replace struggle and resistance with relaxation and surrender. Whether it’s allowing the ‘no so helpful advice’ to wash over you without taking it on, or allowing the sensations of birth to get build without resistance, in the this practice we’ll explore physical ways to connect with the rhythms of labour as well as mindset techniques to just go with the flow.

WEEK 5: Open, Trusting & Aware
It’s a quest that many women want to know - how do I get my baby in a good position for birth? In this lesson we will practice a sequence to help move your baby down into the pelvis. If your baby is breech we will show you ways to help give your baby room to turn instead of bring them further down. As well as showing you the things you CAN do to help - we’ll also tap into ways that you can visualise your body being more open, trusting and aware.

WEEK 6: Yoga Mamma Sanctuary: Taking Time Out & Honouring this Pregnancy
Today is all about honouring your pregnancy & taking time out for yourself. If you feel rushed, tired, or at all stressed - you will LOVE this practice.
We start with some delicious sitting postures to help you connect your body & breath and awaken the side body to create space. Then move into a wonderful restorative practice to help you connect with ultimate rest - this is great practice for tired mummas who feel like energising without doing too much!


Mind Your Back Workshop: Yoga + Neuropsychological approaches to managing chronic back pain 

A personal, scientific and practical approach to how you view and manage your back pain.
We invite you to join Russell (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) and Shona (Registered Psychologist) for an in depth look at some of the causes and management of back pain, using the most up to date research at hand.

WHEN: Sunday 14th July
TIME: 1:00PM - 4:00PM

In this 3 hour workshop you will explore:

  • Understanding the role of the mind and brain in reducing chronic pain

  • Breathing practices to reduce chronic pain

  • Yoga practices to help manage back pain

  • Relaxation techniques for facsia release

  • How diet can affect pain management 

Both Russ and Shona have personal experience with the management of pain.

About Russ Young:
Russ from the age of 13 years experienced back pain from scoliosis, and after multiple unsuccessful visits to medical and paramedical specialists he took his health journey into his own hands. This has formulated Russ’s journey to wanting to understand his medical conditions and has extended into his inquisitive nature for all things health related.

Russ started formulating his approach with massage therapy in 1993, followed on to personal training, rock climbing instructing then Yoga instructing in 1999. Russ moved on to study a degree in Exercise Physiology, and has recently completed a certificate in Nutrition. Russ is a guest facilitator at The University of Wollongong in Biomechanics, Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and is passionate not just about pain but injury states and how they play out in the mind.

About Shona Sim:
Shona’s story began 21 years ago when she became a registered psychologist working in the field of addiction then as a therapist with a special interest in trauma and recovery.

Shona has experienced chronic pain for over 10 years with multiple and varied specialist interventions and differing diagnoses. As a psychologist, Shona has wanted to understand the “why” of chronic pain and has always had a passion to share her learnings with others who are struggling with the lack of specialised services in the Illawarra to support chronic pain.

In 2018 this passion led Shona to become a Yoga teacher as she had been practicing yoga regularly for some time with positive effects on her chronic pain. 

Shona now combines her Yoga teaching and psychology to offer a wholistic approach to others who are living with chronic pain. 

Terms & Conditions:
- Due to the nature of the course, we are unable to provide refunds, transfers or credits. Please check your diary before enrolling. If you feel unwell during the intensive we encourage you to attend anyway and we can give you restorative options throughout the practice. Course enrolments are non-transferable.
- enrolling with a friend or partner? Please be sure to register and enrol into the workshop separately


The co-founders of Younga Yoga Studio, Deb & Russ Young are thrilled to be offering 200HR Yoga Teacher Training starting August 2019.

We are currently taking expressions of interest. Applications for this training will open in January 2019.

We are currently finalising details on curriculum, pricing & the application process however as we expect this training to fill up quite quickly we encourage you to get in touch and formally register your interest so we can notify you personally when applications open in January 2019. 


This teacher training will be a combination of 3 PARTS all of which are compulsory.

PART 1: Will be a 3 day residential immersion style retreat (fri/sat/sun) on the beautiful NSW South Coast.

PART 2: Will be 6 weekends (sat/sun) held at Younga Yoga Studio followed by a weekend free.

PART 3: Will consolidate your training and experience on an immersion style training with 8 nights in Ubud, Bali at a purpose built yoga retreat space.

Having completed numerous teacher trainings as students ourselves and been guest faculty on other trainings, we believe that this strikes a beautiful balance between being able to go deep in an immersion style setting without day to day distractions, whilst also offering the flexibility & ability to maintain a 'regular' job by completing most of the training on weekends.  



Residential retreat on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

Friday August 9th - Sunday August 11th



Weekend #1 Saturday August 17th - Sunday August 18th

Weekend #2 Saturday August 24th - Sunday August 25th

Weekend #3 Saturday August 31st - Sunday September 1st

Weekend #4 Saturday September 7th - Sunday September 8th

Weekend #5 Saturday September 14th - Sunday September 15th

Weekend #6 Saturday September 21st - Sunday September 22nd

You will then have the next weekend/week off training to spend time with family in school holidays / rest / prepare for our final residential retreat 12 days later.



Residential Immersion Style Retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Friday October 4th - Saturday October 12th [Week 2 of NSW School Holidays]


Please note - residential retreat dates are final - the 6 weekend workshop hours are currently being revised and are subject to minor changes.


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