Our PreNatal Yoga Classes are a popular option for those wishing to stay fit during pregnancy while also practicing fundamental birth skills for both pain management and relaxation.

Our classes will guide you through a complete practice that will help you maintain your health and well-being during pregnancy and show you skills to develop mind focus to help with pain management during labour.

This class is fun, challenging and educational! We give 2 or 3 options for each posture so that you can work at your own level depending on your previous yoga experience, your stage of pregnancy and your energy levels on any given day.


Tuesdays 4 - 5pm & Saturdays 9.30 - 10.30am

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PreNatal Class Pricing:

PreNatal Intro Pass $49 for 30 Days (first timers to the studio only) / approx $12 per class

10 Pass - $180  / $18 per lesson / 12 months expiry

5 Pass - $100 / $20 per lesson / 3 months expiry

Casual Visit  $25 per lesson

*Unlimited memberships are also available - just email us here to enquire.


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Experienced Teachers:

Our prenatal yoga classes are taught by experienced prenatal yoga teacher, health professional & mum of two, Deb Young (BEd Hons: Health & Physical Education).

Deb has completed 20 weeks of study with The Australian Doula College and has worked as a Doula for the last 3 years supporting women both at home and in hospital.

Deb's philosophy is that every woman has the ability to birth with strength and confidence, is an advocate of active birth, and supportive of a range of birth choices.


You will Learn:

  • breathing practices for relaxation & pain management
  • mind focus techniques for pain management during labour
  • to develop greater mind focus & belief in your body’s ability to give birth
  • to practice physical postures for strength, endurance and flexibility
  • ways to deal with fears that you have about your labour
  • tips for your support person / partner to help you through this time
  • to surrender to this beautiful, natural process

We believe in birth as a natural process and will help you tap into your innate ability to birth your baby with belief in yourself as a woman with the confidence to trust your body. We are supportive of ALL birth choices, from homebirth through to planned cesarean - we believe that all births can be beautiful and empowering if you have the right support.



When is it safe to join?

Pregnancy is such an individual thing that this can vary woman to woman.
If you are already exercising or have been practicing yoga you may wish to start immediately. Some women (particularly those in a high risk category) may prefer to wait until 12 weeks when energy levels return, ‘morning sickness’ tends to subside, and the risk for miscarriage is much lower.

I’ve never done yoga - is it ok to join?

Yes. We give easy, moderate and challenging variations for each posture so you can work at your own level depending on your experience.

I can’t attend Saturdays or Thursdays - do you offer any other classes?

Yes! Some of our regular classes are also suitable to attend during pregnancy, although we recommend all students who are pregnant and attending a regular class, book a private lesson first to go over some safety modifications.

For more information, phone Deb on 0448 204 574 or refer to our private lesson information here.

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