There are many reasons why you may consider booking a private yoga lesson or exercise physiology session. We explain a little bit about the differences and why these kind of sessions might be just what you need to help improve pain, your motivation, or stay on track with your yoga + wellbeing goals.
Firstly, lets look at the difference between our Private Yoga Sessions and Private Exercise Physiology Sessions.

Private yoga lessons offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns or goals. Instead of following along with the yoga teacher in an open class, a private session allows an individual to set specific goals and plans, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation.

Exercise Physiology is like an appointment with a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer all wrapped up into one. You will come away range of motion testing, and a personalised program which can be done at home with limited equipment. The sessions will give you evidence based yoga + strength exercises. Like a Private Yoga Session, you will have the opportunity to set specific goals and plans, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation.

1. A 1:1 session can help to fine tune your yoga technique

Private Yoga sessions can help you to fine tune your yoga practice and it's a fantastic way to touch base personally with your teacher 3-4 times a year to avoid 'yoga plateau'. Working one-on-one with a teacher can address common misalignments and give us as the teacher the one on one time with you to help refine your practice or find modifications to suit your body that you can then use in an open class.

2. Perfect for beginners 

A private Yoga session is a fantastic way to overcome beginners nerves. You might feel anxious about joining a regular class, especially if you haven't exercised in a while, or feel like you might be holding the group back. Taking a private lesson before a course or class can help us offer you suggestions so you feel more at ease and confident once you DO join a group class.  
We can also help you create the best path forward having worked with you one on one and recommend continued private lessons, a beginners course, or general open classes. In some cases, we may refer you onto a different style of yoga or health professional if we aren't the best fit for you right now.

3. Managing injury or pain with Exercise Physiology
If you have a chronic injury, ongoing pain, or have sought other forms of treatment without luck, an Exercise Physiology session can be a fantastic option. In this type of session an Accredited Exercise Physiologist will take a full medical history, range of motion testing, as well as discuss lifestyle issues that might be contributing to the issue. Because Exercise Physiology is covered under most private health funds, or can be offset by Medicare under a Health Care Plan from your GP, this can be an economical way for you to take private lessons and receive specialised and professional treatment for an injury. Speak to your GP or if applicable, your health fund provider to discuss your options. Email us on info@youngayogastudio.com.au for more info.

4. Managing Mental Health

Exercise and physical activity can have an incredibly positive effect on mental health. It has been shown to effectively manage, reduce, or in some cases eliminate certain mental health disorders. Commencement of a regular and habitual exercise routine can prevent the onset of certain disorders.

Exercise as a treatment has been shown to have a substantial impact on the brain and the associated benefits, including overall happiness and well being, as well as confidence and improved self-esteem. Both a Private Yoga or Exercise Physiology session can be a great way to help implement healthy lifestyle habits.